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I am trained in psychodynamics according to the Freudian model, in psychopathology, in relational art therapy to treat psychosomatic disorders, in couple therapy centered on emotions, in the treatment of certain traumas according to the sensorimotor approach and in logotherapy, therapy based by Viktor Frankl and which is based on the meaning of life.

Approche Spirituelle

Spiritual Approach

I integrate in my practice, for those who wish,
the spiritual dimension in connection with the human vocation and transcendence, particularly during
existential crisis or loss of meaning in life.

My spiritual approach takes into account the human consciousness housed in each person, existential philosophical questioning, natural and supernatural laws
as well as anthropological and biblical values and precepts.


Scope of clinical activity

My field of clinical activity is marked by a diversified and eclectic approach adapted to each person and which takes into account human nature in its three dimensions: organic, psychic and spiritual.

" Know thyself "

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